Monday, July 6, 2015

Transfer Week

June 23, 2015
The time has finally come!!!! I am being transferred!!!!! It has been such a blast serving in Airdrie and it truly has become a second home to me but I am ready for some change of scenery!:) Sister Gleason will be training as well so that's insane because she is just getting done being trained!!! Talk about stressful and overwhelming! But she will do AMAZING!! I will miss her a TON though because we have truly become best friends! She is he first companion that I have felt completely comfortable with haha:) We have actually already planned some vacations for after our missions together:) Oh and she wants to meet all of you guys because I showed her the video Ashlyn made and she thinks you guys are pretty awesome!! She even wants a picture of you guys to keep haha:) So I've pretty much adopted her as another sister to the family!!

Anyways, so this week was pretty great!! Still doing a lot of biking because we are low on kilometers and it has been fun but exhausting! It is pretty rainy here though so we never know when we are going to get rained on or not. The weather is very bipolar. And speaking of bipolar... Yes! I have become very bipolar as well or maybe just emotional haha:) 

I learned a lot about patience this week, which I have continually been learning about my whole mission, but I actually studied it this week! Sometimes I get really caught up in numbers of lessons, investigators, baptisms, etc... and I forget about the other things that don't always count for numbers like talking to people on the streets, member lessons, tracting, etc... I need to remember that numbers aren't everything in the mission. And to be patient with investigators when teaching them because this is a whole new way of life to change to. I just need to continue to remember that this work is not my work but the Lord's work so everything will be done in His own timing!

We also had a really great Stake Relief Society Conference that had some great speakers!! There was one lady from Airdrie 2nd ward that spoke on how to build ourselves up. She had been through a lot in her life and had learned some things to overcome her feelings of no worth. She talked about how we lie to ourselves constantly saying negative things like I'm not pretty or I'm not talented when those are lies!!! We are beautiful and we all are talented in our own ways so we need to start telling ourselves the truth and compliment ourselves to build ourselves up! Anyways I loved her talk and I learned a lot this week about myself and what I need to improve on!!

Also since I will be being transferred I am going to have to pack so I am going to be sending a lot of stuff home because I won't be able to fit all my stuff in my two suitcases:) One of the members here is going down to Utah in July so I am going to leave the stuff with them and Marlee said she would be in Utah all of July so they will drop it off at Jolyn's house and hopefully it will get to you somehow. Does that work? I just need Jolyn's address and maybe her email too to warn her that this is happening:) 

I love you all so much!! I am glad you all had fun at the beach but I am sad that I didn't get any pictures yet... I will let you guys know where I am transferred next week!

Sister Hatch

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