Monday, July 6, 2015

New Area!

June 29, 2015
Thank you for the pictures Brenna and Marlee!!! It looks like you guys have been having tons of fun!!

So I am now in South Calgary in the Queensland and Parkland wards!!! My new companion is Sister Anthian and she came out with Sister Gleason so I am greenie busting her!! She is from Quebec so she has a French accent and she likes badminton too!!! We are getting along great!!

We are staying so much more busy here than we ever would have in Airdrie!! I do miss the people in Airdrie but this is a good change! Our apartment is definitely not as nice as our old one but it does have a microwave so that's good!! We do a lot of service here and it has been so hot here that I have been sweating like crazy! Most houses don;t have air conditioning here so when it gets hot you can't escape the heat!! So I have been completely exhausted! But my body has been holding up pretty well and I have actually been getting tanner! My medication does run out today and I haven't got your package yet so I am just praying that it comes in soon and we can go get it from the mission office. Don't worry though I know everything will work out! 

I also found out that the Olsens (you know Layla and Ivy from Alameda ward) his dad is in Parkland ward so that was fun talking to him about how I used to babysit his grandchildren!! He said they are having a family reunion thing this week but Chrissy and Jarom are the only family that won't be there because they are in Ontario.. That would have been fun to see them but oh well. Maybe sometime in the future!

This area is so pretty and has tons of trees and there is a lake and everything!! We also get to cover a pretty big area so that is fun!! And there is some good potential here! We have a couple investigators, they aren't really progressing but they are so golden they are just stuck on things that don't really matter to your salvation. So hopefully we can get them over these concerns and on to baptism!! I am loving life!!! I know that good things are on their way! I can feel it!!

Oh and we went to pick up Sister Gleason's baby last wednesday and probably traumatized her the first day because we biked all the way to the Food Bank which was the farthest we had ever biked and there were tons of hills and she was wearing a white skirt and it got all dirty from the bike... She was already very emotional anyway from the craziness of getting into the field and so I felt horrible because she was just crying so much. I just hope she is feeling better now because it didn't start off so great for her. But she really helped to remind me of the reason I am out here!! She was so passionate about wanting to go out and share the gospel with every single person she could and I had kind of lost that... I don;t always talk to every single person I see on the street, I mean I say hi but I don't always try to start a gospel conversation and so it helped me to realize that we need to be trying to talk to everyone!!! Even if they don't think they will receive our message so I am working on that!

So things are good here!! I love the mission and the joy it brings to me everyday!! When we are obedient we are able to be blessed beyond imagination!!! I love you guys!! Have fun in the heat!! It is starting to cool down again haha:) That is the best part of Canada is that you know the heat will never stay!! Oh and I sang the O Canada song for the first time yesterday at church:) They have that song in the hymnbooks here.

Sister Hatch

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