Monday, July 6, 2015

June 8,2015
Thank you so much for the video!!!! That really made my life!!! I did get everyone's emails:) I am starting to get low on medicine so you should probably send it soon before it's too late! My glasses are getting a little run down but it isn't a necessity that I get new ones... But if you want to:)

This week was pretty chill. We didn't really get any lessons with our investigators this week so nothing new there. We almost got a new investigator (Betty) but she doesn't want anything to do with the church really because her ex husband has threatened to take fight for custody over their kids if she does anything with our church... So we don't know what to do with that. We are just praying for a miracle because she would be golden if it wasn't for her ex husband...

There is also another guy we have become friends with here at the library that we see mostly every time we come in to do Facebook and so we are hoping to start teaching him. He is super nice so we'll see!

Other than that it has been pretty warm!! The weekend is usually very warm and then the week days are usually rainy and cloudy. But I am not complaining because my body would not be able to withstand the heat constantly. And now they have cut back our kilometers even further to 700 per month for the summer so we are going to be biking and walking a lot!!! I hope my body can withstand it because I have already been very exhausted lately with the sun coming out and everything haha:) 

Saturday we did something called the power hour where we go to a members house and share a message with them and then we ask them if they would be willing to pray or do something spiritual for an hour while we go tracting and then we come back and report on our success. So we did this but we split into two power half hours and the first half hour we passed out 5 BOMs and the next we only passed out 2. But when we went back to report to the second family to tell them we had only passed out two BOMs I was not looking forward to it because I had felt it wasn't very successful. But when we told them the family was so happy!!!! Sometimes as missionaries, since we are doing this all the time, we don't realize our little successes we have everyday. For most people handing out 2 BOMs in 30 minutes is HUGE and I need to stop taking that for granted!! I just will never forget how happy they were at our little success!! So now I trying harder to look for the little successes everyday and not worry so much about the things we weren't able to accomplish!!

I hope you guys have fun at the beach next week!!! I can't wait to see all your pics!! I love you guys and miss you so much!!!!! Thank you again for the video!! I really needed that!! :)

Sister Hatch

They got to have a little fun and go to the Zoo!

President and Sister Nicholas

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