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June 1, 2015
I got your letter Mom and gave the Topleys your thank you note and they LOVED it!!! The baptism was so awesome!! The spirit was super strong and Brother Topley was just glowing from head to toe! The room was also packed with people! It was an awesome event!! It was so awesome to see how much love and support that he had! I guess he has technically been investigating now for about 11 years!! I was surprised to figure that out but Sister Topley has been baptized for that long so it makes sense.

So Monday we finally decided to do something different for P-day instead of basketball. We played kickball!! But it didn't turn out being so fun... First off we were playing with a soccer ball so it was a lot harder than an actual kickball and I got hit in the face. It broke my glasses but don't worry I super glued them back together and it's all good:) The lens didn't break or anything so that was awesome:) Then one of the Elder's was running backwards trying to catch the ball and I was pretty much in the way and he ran right into me. He is a pretty big dude too so I got a huge bruise on my thigh!! It was swollen for like the whole week haha:) So that was a fun P-day:) Today we are going to the Zoo though!!! That should be really fun!! And I don't think I can get hurt there but you never know with my luck!

Later on in the week we ran into a guy while walking one night that was pretty interesting. At first he genuinely seemed interested but then he figured out we were "Mormons" so he started going on and on about the things he thought we believed... He just had a lot of misconceptions about Joseph Smith and the BOM and no matter what we said he wouldn't listen and I got a little fiery. Nothing was going to get accomplished with that man so we had to walk away but I don't know why he had made me so angry. I was almost to the point of tears because I was so frustrated but then funny enough I got a call to give a talk on Joseph Smith in sacrament meeting yesterday:) I definitely do not think that was coincidence because I really needed that talk to help solidify my testimony on Joseph Smith. (sidenote: It was actually the first time I gave a talk without writing it out word for word) But I found a talk given by Elder Neil L. Andersen from the 0ct. 2014 general conference and it talked all about how Joseph Smith would be bashed on more and more towards the Second Coming. And it focused on us and how we need to build our testimony of Joseph Smith first because there are going to be those people out there that bash on our Prophets and the things we believe but if we truly have a testimony of it then we won't be able to be torn down!! Those people who are trying to tell us what we know are missing the truth and we can't let them persuade us to their side of darkness.

We also had a crazy lesson with the Nobles on Thursday! It was literally the most loud and chaotic lesson I have ever had and it felt like nothing we were saying was getting through to them. But we taught the Plan of Salvation and focused on the importance of baptism and how that gets us to the kingdom of God and the oldest girl wanted to be baptized!! We didn't even ask her she asked us! The parents weren't all that thrilled but they said they would discuss it. We haven't heard back from them in a while so we are hoping they aren't going to pull away. They are a part member family where the dad is a member (not active) and the mom is agnostic. So we will see how that goes...

Things are so good here!! It sounds like the BOM trek wasn't as exciting as planned but I'm glad you guys went!! And Hailey sometimes the commandments don't seem to be doing a lot in the moment but when we look at the eternal perspective it makes a huge difference. If we create addictions in this life the next life, in the spirit world, when we don't have a body to satisfy those addictions, is going to be a whole lot worse!! So staying away from them overall is better for us. And God was the one who created our bodies so He knows so much more about what is and isn't good for us to intake! Just trust in the Lord!! And when you were obeying His commandments and gave the drink away you were blessed with something even greater!! That was the Lord rewarding you for doing what was right!

I was also wondering if you could possibly send me my John Bytheway CDs in my next package and more pics!! I always love more pics!! I already got the vocal point soundtrack from another sister here so you don't have to worry about that anymore haha:)

Anyways, I love you guys!!! Keep choosing the right!!! You will be blessed!!:)

Sister Hatch

   " The constant water balloon volleys from the sidelines may occasionally get you wet, but they need never,NEVER extinguish your burning fire of faith."
-Neil L. Andersen

The Topley's. Brother Topley got baptized!

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