Friday, May 20, 2016

Transfer Week

April 25, 2016
My last transfer of my mission has come and gone!! Crazy!! It has been an insane week but it has also been full of insane miracles!! 

So before Sister V. left we had a lesson with Brittan (the one who was blessed as a baby but her family has never really been active) and she is so solid!! She told us how when she had moved out she had fallen in with the wrong crowd and didn't like how her life was going so she decided to come back to church!! She would go to church with her grandma a lot when she was young and she just remembered the good feelings she had there and wanted that again. So we invited her to take the lessons and she said yes!! She has been coming to church every week as well!!

Then we had a birthday party for Meg's cat, Onyx because why not? And we will probably skype at her house so you will be able to meet both of them:) 

Then Sister V. was off!! And she is actually in one of my old areas so that will be fun for her!! And I got Sister Tolbert on Thursday!!! She is so amazing!! She is from Spanish Fork, Utah. Another one from Utah:) But we have been getting along really well so far and our whole zone is absolutely crazy so I know this will be the greatest last transfer ever!! 

Thursday we had a miracle!!! So literally in between transfer meetings on Thursday (I was still waiting to get Sister Tolbert who was coming from the South) we get a call from the mission office that a lady just called saying that she wants to join our church!!! So we call her up and sure enough she says she wants to join our church and so we set up a lesson with her that night and it was amazing!! We taught the Restoration and she was just like, "I know this might sound crazy right now but I just feel good about everything that your saying and I agree with it all!" WHAT?? I HAVE NEVER MET ANYONE SO GOLDEN!!!!! I didn't even think it was real!! So Sister Tolbert really loves the area haha:) And we are having a baptism this transfer so she came at a really good time! Her name is Muna by the way:) She is living in a Women's Shelter right now that she will have to be out of by next month so we are trying to find her a place to live but she seems to be a hard worker. She is in University right now doing Journalism so she is really smart as well! We hope she will stay solid!!

Oh and we also had another miracle this week on Tuesday that I almost forgot about! So we have been trying to get in contact with a former investigator Isabella who was on date for baptism at one point. She has a really good friend in another YSA who saw us downtown and told us that she was going to be picking her up in a few minutes so just to wait with her. We waited and were able to have a lesson with her right there!! It was so awesome!! And we got a follow up appointment! 

The Lord has really been watching out for us this week! I am having to get used to not driving though... Since it is my last transfer we aren't supposed to drive just so we don't get a ticket or something and then leave the country and don't pay it:) It also has been cooling down a bit which is nice!! I love it but my companions never do:) It has been raining!!:)

I love the Lord and this work!! It has been starting to hit me a little more how much I really am going to miss the mission and all the people here! We are going to have to come back as soon as possible! 

I love you all!!

Sister Hatch

New companion Sister Tolbert 

Onyx, Meg's cat.

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