Friday, May 20, 2016

I got to meet an Apostle

April 18, 2016
Let me just start off with saying this week was amazing!! But really what week isn't amazing on the mission? 

We didn't really have any lessons this week because everyone ended up cancelling on us but it was all ok because the end of the week made up for that and we actually stayed super uber busy somehow..

So Friday we had dinner with Leah and kind of went over some details for her baptism and let me tell you, she is just so awesome!! I think I have told you that about a million times now but she really is!! She has been such a great example to her family and her brother actually just recently told her that he would be interested in coming to church with her sometime because he has seen how much of a change it has made in her!! And she said he has never ever been one for religion!! It is so awesome!! And her boyfriend gets home the end of April so we will be able to get to know him a little bit before the baptism in May! Yay!! She was also answering questions like crazy at church yesterday! I am just such a proud little missionary!

Then Saturday Elder Christofferson came and spoke to our WHOLE mission!!! It was so incredible!!! We got to shake his hand and ask him questions and I got to see all my old missionary friends that I haven't seen in forever!! It was so great!! That will probably be one of the  only times the whole mission will be together for a long time!! Elder Christofferson is a funny guy too! 

And Sunday 4 investigators were at church!!! Four!!! One is a new investigator too!! Her name is Brittan Kelly!! Her grandparents are very active and she was blessed as a baby but other than that she hasn't been to church much in her life. Recently she showed up at church and says that she wants to be baptized so we are going to meet with her this week!! 

God is so good!! And really all the miracles we have seen lately have not been of our doing at all!! When you truly pray for the hearts of the people to be opened it happens!!

Oh and transfers are this week!! I am most likely staying for my last transfer but who knows? Sister V. has been here for three transfers already though so we think she will be leaving... It has been fun!! I can't believe I only have one more transfer left! AH!

Sister Hatch

"Sometimes we are tempted to let our lives be governed more by convenience than by covenant. It is not always convenient to live gospel standards and stand up for truth and testify of the Restoration...But there is no spiritual power in living by convenience. The power comes as we keep our covenants." (I forgot who said this...)  

They caught a little bunny

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