Friday, May 20, 2016

April 4, 2016
We are going to Banff today so this might not be as long as normal...

General Conference was so amazing!!! Jeffrey R. Holland's talk was by far my favorite and I'm pretty sure his message related to everyone! But I really needed that! All we need to do is try our best and when we try to progess we are successful. We don't need to dread tomorrow but live in the moment of today!! So good! 

We had many wonderful experiences again this week being that we didn't have a car (but we didn't get lost this week!). We met a homeless man who was pitching the nutrition facts of cheerios to us and escorted a drunk lady to her rehab/homeless shelter. Oh man, good times!! You meet some pretty sketchy people Downtown but it keeps life interesting!! We also got offered Kit Kats by a homeless man but thought we better not take them because who knows what would have been in them:) 

We got two new investigators this week as well!!! They are both former investigators so they have both had most of the lessons already but one wants to be baptized!!! He is engaged to a member and just has to quit nicotine before he can get baptized which will be soon because he wants to get baptized before they are married in September!! His name is Josh and he is hilarious!! 

Other than that our week has been all the normal stuff!! I miss you guys!! Sorry today's email is so short but I will send more next week!!! 

Sister Hatch

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