Wednesday, March 23, 2016

YSA all the Way

March 21, 2016

This was a slower week but not a bad week.

We got Leah on date for baptism for May 6th!! Sister VanSchouwenburg is a little upset that is after transfers but she might stay!! You never know these days:)  We taught the Word of Wisdom to Leah and she agreed with no problem. I have never had such an easy time teaching the Word of Wisdom my whole mission!! It helps that she is a health freak so she doesn't believe in drinking caffeine already. She was just born to be a member!! She is so awesome!

We haven't been able to meet with Mckenzie (the guy who read the whole BOM) this week because he has been busy and then left for Mexico... But he will not get away! Haha!

We also talked to President this week about our situation with both our wards meeting at the same time on Sundays and he agreed that it would be best if the Heritage Elders take 1st ward because they meet in the same building. So now we only have YSA!!! But I love it and we stay so busy!!
They have so many activities! We had a chili cook off the other night and we were the judges. It was so fun! 

I am starting to see the YSA drama though which I don't like as much... Oh well... And our ward mission leader just got engaged! They are so cute! (side tangent)

Anyways, we got lost so much this week! This was our week to not have the car so we have been trying to figure out the buses and it hasn't worked so far... On Friday we walked a good 5 extra miles than we needed to because we were so lost and we never did end up getting to our appointment. But we met some awesome people along the way so that was a plus! I really do know how to read maps guys.

And we also had Zone Conference! Which I thought was going to be my last one but we will be having another one in May which I am so pumped for!! And we are also going to be visited ny Elder Christofferson in April!! Exciting things are coming!! But back to Zone Conference, it was amazing!! Let's just say the Atonement is real!

Oh and a lady in YSA served her mission in Tempe!! She served in Shalimar ward and is going down to visit the Cleggs this week!! Isn't that crazy?? She is the Relief Society President in YSA!! I love her so much!!! Such a small world!

And we have a less active in our ward that I skyped in the MTC! Haha!! It's so funny how the Lord works to put people in our lives:)

Life is good and the gospel is true!! I love you guys!! 

Sister Hatch

Leah and Beverly.  Leah is on the left and getting baptized May 6th! 

Chili cook off

Lunch with the Sisters
Having fun on the merry go round

Zone Conference

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