Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Transfer Week

February 29,2016

So it looks like I am getting transferred again!!! I did not think I would but Sister Allard and Jensen are both training and Sister Allard will be staying in the area so I am out of here. I am kind of sad to go because I really don't feel like I got the opportunity to get to know the people really well yet but I guess the Lord needs me somewhere else! And I am excited for a little change. I am getting to the end and it is getting harder and harder to stay focused so I think change will help me a little bit with that! I am going to miss the trio A LOT though!!! These have been some of the best transfers on my mission! We have just been having a blast together! But they are both going to be awesome trainers!!! 

Going off of sugar didn't really work out all that great because we still got fed dessert at dinners and how can you tell the members no especially when they go out of their way to make a banana cream pie... And Laurie hasn't officially quite smoking, it has been really hard for her. But she hasn't been following the program exactly and I don't think she has enough faith in herself. she really does want to quit but she doesn't believe she can actually do it and that's half the battle! 

Other than transfer news this week has been pretty low key. We did however get  a new investigator!! Woot!! Woot!!! (Another reason I am sad to leave...) Her name is Sharon and she was a former, came to church a couple times but then the sisters just lost contact with her. She was the one that didn't know if she was baptized or not so we found out the she wasn't and we were waiting on her to decide of she wanted to start taking the lessons again. And she said YES!!! She said she felt so much peace when she was taking the lessons before an she wanted that peace back in her life! Sister Allard's baby is going to be so spoiled with so much work in this area!! 

Other than that the rest of our appointments cancelled for the week:( But we were able to have some good laughs and even start a conversation all about McDonalds on the bus the other day. Everyone on the bs was talking about McDonalds because we were trying to convince Sister Allard that she needed to eat there (she has never eaten there before can you believe it?!) If only we could get the whole bus talking about the gospel...

I have lots of pictures to send this week because we said all our good byes yesterday at church!! I love you guys!!

Sister Hatch

She sure loves the snow!

Gospel Principles class

Jeremy Elliot a less active member.  Came to church because it was their last Sunday there. 

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