Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Calgary for Life

March 7, 2016

No shocker here!! I am still in Calgary, central Calgary so pretty much Downtown!!! It is kind of sad that I won't get to go down South at all on my mission but I am stoked to stay in Calgary!! And wait for it... I am also in YSA!!!! AHHH!!! I know crazy right? I never thought I would be put in a YSA ward and I was actually really scared to go to one because I feel like I can't talk to normal people my age anymore. I can talk to other missionaries but they aren't normal haha:) And we are also covering a family ward as well so that is fun! The only dilema is that they both start at the same time in different buildings so we can't go to both wards on Sunday or if we do we would have to be on splits with members. But we won't do that for the first couple weeks so I can get used to the wards with Sister V. OH and I just realized I forgot to tell you that my new companions name is Sister VanShouwenburg!!! I know it's a long one right? She is from Utah but spent most of her life in California so not a full Utahian:) She is awesome!! She is just done being trained and her mission mom just went home so she was sad to get another companion that she would probably have to send home but she is doing awesome!! It is really hard after training when you realize you have all the responsibility now but she is such a great missionary! She is super obedient and a great street contacter so she is helping me to stay in line. She LOVES to talk!!
We also get to share a car again but this time with the Elders!! Fun stuff!! But the Elders are super sweet and let us take the car all the time even when it is there turn to have it:) We cover the whole stake though so we need it more to get places. There is also a Korean branch within 1st ward and that covers the whole city of Calgary so we could potentially drive anywhere in Calgary to meet these people! It is sweet! We had a dinner the other night with one of the Korean members and I got to drive through my last area. It was fun!! So maybe I will learn some Korean...
We also have so many investigators in YSA so I am excited!! Some of them are so solid so I can feel that we are going to get a baptism this transfer! I haven't met any of them yet really but I have heard really good things!! YSA is the place for baptisms baby!!
Funny Story: So we were contacting the other day and a guy answered the door with no pants or underwear on!!! Hahaha!! It was so awkward! I didn't see anything because luckily he was wearing a shirt to cover a little bit but I just didn't look down. He was just like oh I was just getting in the shower.... Then WHY did you answer the door?!?! Oh my goodness! Some people... And he was in his 60's...
Anyway life is good here!! The weather has been beautiful and change has been good! I do miss my trio really bad but this area has so much potential and we are going to baptize nations!! And what better place to do it than downtown Calgary!! I love it! I love the gospel!! The church is true and the book is blue!
Sister Hatch

Sister Hatch's new companion Sister VanShouwenburg.

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