Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Miracle Week

February 8, 2016

Wow!!! Just Wow!!! That is mostly the gist of this whole week!! I don't know what me and my companions did differently this week to deserve all these miracles but they happened!

Ok, let me start with Tuesday. So we went on splits with the STLs because we had interviews later that day so they didn't want to go all the way back to Banff when they would have to come back for interviews anyway. We had some fun times almost getting peed on by a little boy and scooping poop. Haha:) But that is besides the point. We had interviews and President wants us to focus on a Christlike attribute every transfer now so I chose obedience. I honestly need to work more on being exactly obedient which I think I have already told you... But what he told me was to treat these last few months of my mission like a mini mission. He told me to give all I had to being obedient and being the best missionary I can be these last couple months. I can't say that I have fully started to take that to heart yet but it is getting there:)
That night we went and visited a potential that is also a former but was barely taught in the past and Sister Jensen knows her less active sister from her last area. She was packing things up because the exterminator was coming the next day to spray and so we offered to help! Scored an in haha! We got to talk to her more and get to know her feelings on the church, she was even going to church on her own at one point and didn't even know if she was baptized or not. So we took her information to church on Sunday and found out she isn't baptized!!! So we are going to fix that and get her son baptized as well!

Wednesday is our day to go see an older lady that was being taught at one point but is getting demensia  so can't really be taught anymore. And she had had a stroke the previous week so we thought it would be good to do something to cheer her up a bit! She had been asking for a watch for a long time so we got her one and drew her a picture of all the sisters that have met with her. But sad day... She wasn't NOT in the mood and totally kicked us out! It was kind of a downer to the day...
But everything was ok because we got a new investigator that night and we didn't have to do anything!! All we had to do was just show up! Our members had a neighbor that had some questions and so they invited us over to answer the questions and we invited her to take the lessons and come to church!! Bam!! New investigator!! Members are so great!!

Thursday was pretty low key.

But Friday was the real miracle day!!! So a couple weeks ago some guy walked into the church to pray and bishop happened to be there and started talking to him and got his name and the street that he lived on, but only the street. So he contacted us and told us this and was like ok, I want you to tract the whole street and find this guy. And let me tell you it was not a short street but we were not going to let our bishop down so we had started to tract it a couple weeks ago asking for Mark Furgason. And no luck.. So we gave up for a couple weeks and decided to try again on Friday. We decided to start on the opposite end this time. We prayed to find this guy and low and behold the second door we knocked on was his house!!!! Miracle? I think yes!!! We were definitely led straight to the house! And I figured out I really could be led by the spirit!!!
So then we decided to go stop some of our members because member work is the best right? We did and talked to them for a while about who the visit and home taught and we talked about a lady they had been working with for a long time. They said yeah we really do need to find a way to get her and you guys over here sometime. She had been taught in the past but it kind of just stopped. So after we left he called her and she said she was trying to quit smoking and wanted to start taking the lessons again!!! What?? Crazy right!!!

Sorry this email is getting way long but I still have more miracles!! I will skip Saturday and just say we got into some less actives that we are going to start teaching on a regular basis now and we had an amazing Relief Society Conference all about living in the moment.

But I will move on to Sunday!! Because our new investigator came to church and 2 less actives!!! AND best part of all a non member came to church all by himself and decided to sit next to us of all people! We got his number and we are going to start teaching him!!! Now is that a miracle or what??

I truly cannot believe all the things that have happened for us this week! It has been incredible!! I am so pumped for the next couple of months and all that is in store for us!!! I have learned so much about how important it is to be obedient and listen to the spirit and work with members!!! Ahhhhh!! I couldn't be more happy!!!

I love you guys!!! God is so incredibly good!!!

Sister Hatch

" I am a hole in the flute that the Christ's breath blows through. Listen to the music."

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