Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wow!!! Another transfer has already flown by!!! Ahhh!! Where is the time going?? We won't know about who is being transferred until tomorrow night but we are pretty confident we are staying together for another one which I couldn't be more happy about!!! I love being in a trio!! Also transfers are going to be a little different this time because the First Presidency told all the missions around the world that we are not to have official transfer meetings anymore. So we will now know our companions and new area before the actual transfer day which is pretty cool! 

This week we had a worldwide mission broadcast which was pretty awesome!! The theme was "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts". Probably because so many people become less active after being baptized... So we need to focus more on making sure the people we teach are truly converted before we baptize them and the way to do that is finding through members! When they have that support in the church they are more likely to stay:)

We also had a chance to do splits a couple times this week in our area and we got so much more done!! Plus our Ward Mission Leader is awesome and is going to try to set up splits with members at least twice a month! So exciting!! 

We also went to Canmore again which was a blast!! We went on a hike that was pretty much walking on a frozen river the whole time and I fell a lot but it was still fun!! 

Our investigators aren't really progressing but we are going to change that soon!!! 

I am loving life and trying to work hard, but I know I can always work harder!! Love you guys!!!

Sister Hatch

 "If thou art merrypraise the Lord with singing, with music, with dancingand with prayer of praise and thanksgiving."
D&C 136:28

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