Monday, March 23, 2015


March 16,2015

It has been an amazing week!!!! Many miracles happened!!

First of all we are officially starting Facebook tomorrow!! Woot!!! Woot!! You can't chat with me or inbox me but I will be able to see your posts and vice versa so I think it will help me to feel closer to you guys! I am so excited! But it will also take a long time to hide everything on my Facebook. 

We had another lesson with Brother Topley and it was amazing!!! The spirit was so strong and he was able to open up to us about how he was offended by someone in the church and so it has taken him a while to get over it. He doesn't want to rush into baptism so we aren't pushing him but he finally agreed to read the Book of Mormon!!! I know if he does he will find his answer so he is so close to baptism! We can taste it!!

Then the Spanish Elders passed off a woman who they had taught and she wants to be baptized March 28th!! Score! We didn't even have to do anything!! But the bishop does want us to try and teach her english so that will be a challenge but it will be fun! I do know a little spanish so hopefully that will help:)

And finally we got in contact with a girl we had tracted into a while ago and set up an appointment! She seems so golden and we can't wait to teach her!! See there are people who are ready in Airdrie!!! 

2nd Ward has a lot of less actives and part member families so we have been trying to meet with them and have been semi successful. They are all super nice and so we just need to find a time that they can meet with us!

It also finally snowed!!!! Which I am so happy about because I was really hating the warm weather. But now it will be a little more scary driving...

Our zone decided to do a "fast" from tracting this transfer because the want us working more with members and we have definitely been seeing the blessings already!! It is so true that when we get the members involved that is when the real magic happens!! 

One of the amazing things I realized this week is that we have the truth! Other people who want to bring us down or pull us away from our beliefs haven't experienced what we have. They don't understand why we live the way we do because they haven't felt God in their lives. So why do we let these people break us down? Why do we let them pull us away from what we know is true? We should be standing taller and testifying to them of the things we know and feel! We don't need to back down from them, they should back down from us because we have the Lord on our side! I just realized that as I read the story of the tree of life. It talks about how some of the people who partake of the fruit are ashamed when they see the people in the building mocking them. Those people who have tasted the fruit should showing the others how wonderful the fruit tastes not giving into their worldly happiness. Anyway I just want you to think about that and read 1 Nephi Chapter 8. It is so good!!!

I love you all and miss you tons!!! But just remember that God loves you so much!!!

Sister Hatch

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