Monday, March 23, 2015

March 9,2015
So this week has been stressful getting to know the new ward and everything! I can't imagine how stressed Sister Hooker is trying to get to know two wards at once! But she seems a lot more calm than me. I guess I am too much of a worry wart. It was so funny though because I had been talking to Sister Hooker one about me being shy and what not and she said I do not see you as being shy! Can you believe it? She is the first person in the history of forever to not think I am shy!!! Maybe the mission has changed me even more than I realized! I guess it is easier to talk to people than ever before but I still think I'm shy sometimes:) 

Second ward has tons of less actives and part member family and so we have been trying to contact as many as possible and see if we can meet with them. We have had some success already which is really good! We met with the Relief Society president in 2nd ward and just went over all the sisters in our ward and there was over half of them that she had no idea who they were!! That is insane!! So we have just been trying to tract them down! So lots of work to be done, I just hope we are able to accomplish something with it!

We had another lesson with Brother Topley again finally and it is so frustrating with him! He knows it all, there isn't really much more we can teach him, he just wants to find his answer that it is true. But he isn't reading the Book of Mormon either so it will be hard for him to find his answer if he isn't reading the thing that will give him the answer. So we think he is just scared and that he knows when he reads the Book of Mormon that he will find an answer and that is what scares him the most. So we are just praying so hard for him because he is so close!!! There is also a woman in second ward who had taken the lessons from the Spanish Elders and wants to be baptized!! So we will just have to meet with her. She doesn't know too much English so it will be hard but she wants to be baptized into second ward so hopefully that will happen soon as well! Some legal things have to be worked through first though. So we could possibly have 2 baptisms in the next month of so!! Just keep praying for them!

It has also been so warm here!! No snow for a long time! It has been in the teens which is probably how warm it is in Az. It feels like Arizona winter:) But I am not complaining!! The people say that it tricks you for a while into thinking that summer is almost here and then there is a huge snowstorm so I'm not getting too excited:) 

So everything is good and busy!! And it sounds like you guys are doing well and staying busy as well! I hope your spring break is super fun and I will be looking for my package!!! Life is great and God is amazing!! Don't forget to look for the tender mercies the Lord gives us every day. They are there I promise!!! I love you all!!!

Sister Hatch

Quote of the week:

"Patience is not passive resignation, nor is it failing to act because of our fears. Patience means active waiting and enduring. It means staying with something... even when the desires of our hearts are delayed. Patience is not simply enduring; it is enduring well!"

President Uchtdorf

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