Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Three Muskateers

January 4,2016

Wow!! Another great week!!! 

I just LOVE the members here!! They are so missionary minded and giving us referrals like crazy! The only problem is that we can't contact them fast enough because transit and walking takes forever!! There are always set backs right? 

We helped a lady move some things around in her house because her mom just died so she wanted to change up the place and she is a nonmember!! And a medium!! So it was really interesting talking to her about her views on spirits and the after life. A lot of it was the same stuff we believed she just had different names for it. So we got to teach her what we believed as well and agreed to have us back!! We just haven't been able to get in contact with her yet... But that will change!!

We also have another investigator who is 84 years old and we are pretty sure she has some form of dimensia so we are dropping her because our lessons really get no where. She is a super sweet lady but can't really keep commitments. We will definitely keep visiting her though. And we just picked up another really old investigator, he is in his 90's. (I don't know why we keep finding old people to teach) But he doesn't have dimensia so he should be good to teach haha:) We are just still searching for more people to teach as always! But I love being outside all the time so we actually can find people!

Oh and guess what?? We got permission to watch a movie on New Year's Eve from President so we watched Big Hero 6!! Crazy right?? It was awesome but it also made me realize how much I am ok with not focusing on media. YOu might think I am crazy but I really don't want to watch t.v. at all when I come home. There are just so many more incredible things you can do to fill up your time. Don't get me wrong, I will still watch it occasionally but not like I used to. 

You guys I just love the mission so much!!! I just want to keep this incredible amount of the spirit with me forever!!! I am so afraid that when I go home I will fall into bad habits and I don't want to! I love you guys and am so grateful for all your love!!

I also figured out I am 16 days away from the D&C countdown which means I will only have 138 days left in the mission!!!! AHHHHH!!!! I am freaking out!!! I am trunky but not at the same time! I'm so confused with my feelings!!

But I am truly loving life!!!

Love you guys!! Stay beautiful!!!

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