Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Merry Christmas!!!

She's in a trio! Her companions Sis Allard and Sis Jensen
December 21, 2015

Oh my gosh!!!! I am on top of the world!!! This transfer is exactly what I needed to get back into the missionary spirit because I  feel like it has been gone for a long time!

So I am now on a 3-leg with Sister Allard (from Quebec) and Sister Jensen (from St. George, Utah) and it has been a blast!!!! Trios are!!! We are in West Calgary, so right next to the temple AND Banff is in our Zone!!!! I have been wanting to go to Banff my whole mission and today we are going for Pday!!! It is pretty much just the most gorgeous place in the world!!! In the mountains!!!!:) I am so excited! I will take lots of pictures!!! And our zone is so unified and fun! Our wards are awesome also and we have so much work to do in this area, I am pumped! The only problem is that we don't have a car so we can't accomplish a lot in one day because our area is huge and we either have to walk or take transit which takes a long time! But it has been a fun adventure. I haven't taken transit my whole mission and so it has been a different experience! The other night we were stuck at a bus stop for 2 hours waiting for a bus to come so might have gotten home a little late... :) It was a long day! But we might be getting our own car soon! It has definitely been harder on my body and I am so much more exhausted but just like anything else my body will get used to it:)

And since we are walking all the time we are now able to talk to tons of people on the street and last night we ran into a guy named Meng that said he had never met missionaries before and that it was perfect timing in his life because he has a lot of questions about God!!! What??? That NEVER happens!!! He speaks Mandarin though so we will probably pass him off to the Mandarin Elders... But it was so cool!! 

I am just loving every minute of this area!! We are going to do great things here, I can feel it!!! I love you guys so much and can't wait to skype this week!!!! I want to see your faces!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Sister Hatch

Sis Hatch and Rolo the Dog 
Sis Hatch's District

The Cree Family

The Olsen Family. (They are the grandparents of some girls from our home ward.)

Ceri and the sis missionaries

Sarah one of their investigators.

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