Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year!

December 28,2015

So I guess I don't really have much else to tell you about this week because I just talked to you, but the rest of Christmas was pretty great! I just got your email. That is crazy that you had no heat!! But it is all about the right clothing. Once you have the right clothing you can go for a long time in the cold haha:) 

We had a pretty chill week since no one really wants to talk to missionaries on the week of Christmas so we spent a lot of time with our Zone and baking and playing games in the apartment. Or eating at members houses haha:) I have had way too many turkey dinners this past week!! 

But we figured out on Sunday that the Mandarin man we met on the street the other day is now taking the lessons and is so solid!!! Even though we aren't teaching him it is still great to be a part of his journey. I keep replaying over and over again how I was debating in my head whether to talk to him or not and what would have happened if I hadn't!!! I think that was mostly a testimony builder to me that I need to act on promptings and talk to EVERYONE I see on the street because you really have no idea who is ready and who is not!!! I hope he gets baptized one day and maybe I will still be here to see it:)

Anyways life is still good. Trying to fight through this cold I have and keep up the energy!! And it is snowing again today!!! Love it!!!! Happy New Years!!!! 

Sister Hatch 

This is their little trip up to Canmore close to Banff. Sis Hatch was so excited to go their!

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