Friday, February 20, 2015

Calgary Temple Trip

February 17,2015
So this week was pretty crazy but amazing!! 

We were able to go to the Calgary Temple on Saturday to help clean (the temple has been closed for a couple weeks) and it was the most amazing temple trip I have ever had!! Not only was it great to help clean but before we started we were able to have personal study in the celestial room! Amazing!! Then after cleaning we were able to get a private tour of the temple and let's just say we were able to see places that you wouldn't normally get to see on an everyday trip to the temple. It was cool! Plus I learned more than I have ever learned on that trip. I always knew the temple was important but I was really able to see the greatness of it after Saturday and how truly important it really is to our salvation. When we were all sitting in the sealing room (our whole district went) the temple worker guy said this is why your here, to get people to this room! Baptism is not our goal, eternity is and when families are sealed together that is the greatest step for eternity!! It was great! And one of the Elders was so funny and kept going back to the sealing room. I think he wants to get married pretty badly:)

So yesterday for Pday we all wanted to go to Drumheller (an hour drive from Airdrie) as a Zone because it was Family Day and there is a dinosaur museum there that would have been free on Family Day but President said no. So we were all really bummed and just ended up all going to the mall instead... I didn't buy anything though. It is so true I am really picky and it takes a lot for me to buy something:) Every time we go Sister Kolkova buys so much stuff and I never get anything haha:) But it was still a fun day and apparently Canada's national food is french fries with a gravy sauce and cheese on it so I will have to try that one day:) Sounds kind of gross so we'll see...

Speaking of food though, last night I had lobster for the first time! It was a lot of work for a little amount of meat but now I can say I've had lobster! Our members are so great!! 

So transfers are next week!!! Which is sad and happy... Sad because Sister Kolkova will most likely leave:( but happy because change is good and refreshing! We were told that Airdrie 2nd ward is being purged so Airdrie 1st ward (which is me!) will now be covering both wards! Crazy!! They are slowly purging the wards in Airdrie just because there isn't a lot of work here. Me and Sister Kolkova have already practically tracted our whole area and no one is interested! It is very frustrating and depressing at times but we have been doing great things with the members and I think because we do have one investigator they didn't shut down our area. It's kind of sad because we all know we have been working very hard here it's just not the right time for the people I guess. But next week will be some crazy changes and we have Pday on Tuesday so I won't be emailing until Tuesday again.

I actually did get some Valentine's. One from one of our members, her name is Nancy Allen and she is from Scotland. We love her so much!!! She always has things for us. When she went to Scotland for Christmas she brought us back both some Nessie stuffed animals. They are so cute!!! And then I also got a random note in my pocket from someone named Kelsey who I don't know that was just encouraging and said thank you for all you do in preaching the gospel you are loved. It was sweet but I don't know who it was that wrote it. 

Our investigator Roy Topley wasn't able to meet with us this week so we will see what is going on with him more this week I guess... But overall this week has been good and uplifting! I love hearing from you guys! Oh and what is the name of your new ward and stake because I need to update President with your new address and stuff:) I love you all so much!!! Have a great week and stay fabulous!!

Sister Hatch

Sister Hatch at the Calgary Temple

With her district

Lobster dinner

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