Thursday, February 12, 2015

A little under the weather

February 2,2015

Well this week ended up being pretty rough because I got really sick and I still am sick:( It started last Monday with a sore throat and runny nose and now I have a cough as well. I haven't been too tired but we cancelled a lot of our appointments with little kids because I didn't want to get them sick. I tried so many things like hot lemon water, NyQuil, Tylenol, ginger but nothing has really made a difference. Sister Kolkova keeps giving me all these things to try which are really disgusting but nothing has worked. Last night I got a priesthood blessing from some of our Elders and I do feel more alert and lively today which is good! I just hope my cough and runny nose start to go away soon because we have a lot of really important appointments this week that I don't want to have to cancel!! 
We also didn't get to meet with Brother Topley this week:( Sister Porter got sick so they cancelled on us but I guess it was ok because I haven't been feeling my best as well. But next week for sure!!! I really just want to see how he feels about baptism and get to that next step. So keep on praying!! We need all the help we can get!
We also had Zone Conference this week which was great but very long!! We talked a lot about the gathering of Israel because that is the focus of our BOM reading this month. I definitely need to try harder in focusing on this topic when I study but I learned a lot. Mostly that the gathering is not only the physical gathering of everyone to the gospel but our own spiritual gathering. We need to focus always on strengthening ourselves because how are we supposed to gather others if we aren't gathered ourselves first.
We also went out tracting again this week and guess what?? We found another potential!!! Her name is Brittany and she is a young mother. We are going back to talk with her more this week! It is so exciting when tracting is successful!! And we were also able to finally get a return appointment with Andrea (the first investigator I had here). We have only taught her the first lesson but we are going back this week to teach the second and we will see where it goes! I am so excited where this week will take us!
So we have an Elder in our district, Elder Sorensen, who is straight up redneck. And he constantly talks about hunting and everything... anyway we would always joke that if they killed a rabbit we would cook it for them. So this week they actually killed a rabbit!!!! And we cooked it!! They said they just scared it to death but we didn't believe them, they just wouldn't tell us how they killed it. Anyway we got this cooking lesson from one of our members (the ones who always make the fancy food that I send pics of) how to cook rabbit and we did it and it wasn't that bad. So now I can officially say I have had rabbit! It was a little chewy though haha:)
Our ward's indexing activity was so fun!! You should really try indexing it is super easy and doesn't take that long to do a batch. The Sister Training Leaders were also there because we went on these short splits just for the afternoon. Anyway it was good!
I am so glad you found someone so easily to rent the house! I'll have to tell J.T. about that... yes we have been emailing a little bit. Anyway it sounds like everything is going well there! I love to get your emails!! You guys are the best!! I love you!!

Sister Hatch

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