Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sunny Days!

January 26, 2015

I am so happy you were all able to get moved into the condo! It looks just like our house just a mini version haha!! I like how you painted the wall red again:) Hopefully the showing goes well tonight!! I will be praying for you! It sounds like the new ward is great as well and that you are fitting in perfectly! 

This week was amazing!!!!! We were so busy we barely had time to eat meals which is a first! We haven't been this busy the whole time I've been out so far! It's exhausting but I'm not complaining because I love it! 

So earlier this week we stopped by Sister Porter's and Brother Topley's to see how they were doing. Their cat, Twizzler, had been sick and they had to put him down because he wasn't doing well at all and that was really hard for them because their animals are like their children. So we stopped by and got to talk to Sister Porter about her feelings of us coming over and teaching. She has been waiting for Brother Topley to take the lessons for so long and had always been against meeting with the missionaries. She said he has never been so receptive to any missionaries than he has been to us and she was just so grateful that we were here. We are so happy to hear that he loves having us over and she said he constantly talks about our next visits, he just can't get enough. We know he is so ready for baptism but we are scared to push him away if we ask but it is definitely the time. Next week we are going to ask him to be baptized and hopefully set a date!!! I am so nervous but I know he is ready and he probably won't take that next step if we don't ask. So just pray for us this week to be able to set a date for him to be baptized and that he will be open to our invitation.

Then on Friday we found out that Betty, one of the old ladies we visit and sing to each week passed away Tuesday. It was so sudden for everyone because she had seemed to be doing really well and then one day she just never woke up from her sleep. They think she might have had some internal bleeding but at least she passed away peacefully. Alberta, the other lady we visit who was also her roommate, is having a hard time with it. But we just keep visiting and praying for her as well. 

Thursday was awesome!!! In the morning we got to learn how to make quilts with the relief society. They make quilts to keep in church storage so if there is ever a natural disaster of any sort they are able to have quilts to pass out. It flooded a few years back and people didn't have a lot of things but they were able to hand out these quilts to keep people warm. So we helped with that and now I know how to make a quilt and we are both going to make one for ourselves this week! I just don't know how I will transport it around because I have zero room in my luggage and I keep accumulating more things!!
We also helped decorate for a wedding reception Thursday for a good chunk of the day. But it was so fun because it reminded me of you, mom, and always decorating for parties. It got me so excited about all the weddings we are going to have in our family!!

We also learned how to do indexing which is really fun!!! Our ward is having a huge indexing party this Saturday and I can't wait!! I love it and want to do more of it!!

My glasses broke a couple days ago:( Good thing I had my backup pair!! The screw just came out of one of the side part so it can be fixed but I can't find the screw... So I will try and take to some glasses shop and see what they can do. My back up glasses are my old perscription though so it has been making me kind of dizzy. Hopefully I can get my glasses fixed soon!

It has been so warm this week also! Especially yesterday! It got up to 12 degrees! We didn't even need our jackets or boots or tights!! It felt like summer haha! But the weather here is so bipolar. One week it will be freezing and the next super sunny. They call them shanooks when there is a warm spell and a lot of people get headaches from them. But it is nice to have a break from the freezing cold at least for a while. I am also getting sick:( My throat has been hurting and my body is achy but nothing too bad. I am starting to lose my voice but hopefully it won't last long! I need my voice to share the gospel:) 

Last night we went to the mission prep class and helped them with their role plays. It was fun to remember that I was in that position not to long ago:) And it helped me to see how far I have come since then. I feel like teaching is natural to me and I don't have to think about it too much now. Practice really does make perfect!!!

Anyway it has been a great week!!! I am so happy to be here and am loving every moment of sharing the gospel. I just want you guys to know that the members play a huge role in missionary work! So I hope you try to do your best to get in contact with the missionaries in your ward and help them find people to teach. The members and missionaries should be working together and bringing people unto Christ. So I challenge you all to find those people you could bring to the missionaries and don't be afraid. Be confident in what you believe and don't hide it from others! There are so many people out there who are searching for what you have!! I love all and miss you so much!!:)

Sister Hatch

Scripture of the week:
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.
Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his Lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you."

John 15:13-15 

These are the cows behind their house.

Enjoying the sun and the warmer weather

Sun sets and sunrises.  She is in love with the view.

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