Monday, January 12, 2015

Snow! and Moldy Bread?

 December 29, 2014
IT FINALLY SNOWED!!!!! We had a white Christmas and it's been snowing everyday since! Today it is -15 celcius!!! It's getting colder and guess what?? Sister Kolkova and I decided to go running this morning in the snow! Yeah I know we are SUPER  crazy!! I actually was riding a bike while she ran but it was hard and the little snowflakes were getting in my eyes. It was probably not the best decision but it really woke me up haha!!:) I don't know if we will be doing much more running in the mornings now since it's getting colder but who knows maybe Sister Kolkova will convince me to go...
This week was kind of slower because no one really wanted to meet with us around the holidays but we were able to spend a lot of time with the members. Tuesday we have district meeting and our district decided to draw names for a gift exchange and guess what I got from Elder Williams?? Moldy bread!!!! He thought he was so funny but it was ok because he also got me some chocolates and other things. And I also had Elder Williams in the gift exchange so I got him some Hob Knobs (a cookie from England because he's from England) and some Mad Lib books because he's just a really serious guy and I thought he needed a laugh:) Anyhoo, so that was fun!!! Then that night we went caroling as a zone. It probably looked really weird to see a huge group of missionaries come up to your house but people were ok with it when we started to sing. Most people enjoyed it so that was good. 
Christmas day we went to the Barfuss' house for breakfast as you already saw in the pictures and they got us so many presents!! They are so sweet to us!! And they are our neighbors by the way:) So now I have a Canada shirt and mittens I was super excited because I really wanted to get a Canada shirt! We also got two stockings from other members so I had three stockings in all and TONS of chocolate!! I think I have enough chocolate to last for the rest of my mission!!! Then we went and saw the two old ladies and they were so happy!! And then we went to another members house for dinner that night! So tons of fun!! And we have been working really hard on our 1000 piece puzzle. We are getting really close to finishing!
The day after Christmas here is called Boxing Day and it is pretty much like Black Friday so everyone is shopping that day. It's not as crazy as our Black Friday but pretty close:)
Saturday we did some contacting, just trying to set up appointments with potential investigators and we got 4 return appointments so that was successful!! But all of the appointments are for next week so we don't really know what we are going to do this week but we will try and stay busy:) It has been a really good week! I did get a little homesick on Christmas but I think I'm doing good now. I saw the pictures you sent to the Barfuss'! Super fun!! It sounds like you all are having a blast this week! Have fun moving into the new house and painting! I'm glad my gift finally got to you and that you tried the Tim Tam Slam! Wasn't it good?? I'm going to send pics this week! I loved all the presents! Thank you so much!! Have a Happy New Years!!!:) I love you all TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Hatch

The mission hasn't taken too much of her time because she is still able to do something she loves, bake/cook.

One of the elders gave her moldy bread for thoughtful.

It snowed! And Kirsten was super excited, but I think she will soon be wishing it was gone.

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