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February 9, 2015


I was starting to think Marlee was the only one who loved me because I hadn't gotten any emails from any of you but that's ok:) I know you all love me!! 

So I am feeling better finally!!! Sister Kolkova got sick right when I was feeling better so the beginning of the week was slow again but she got well fast and we were able to get back out to work!! Sounds like you guys are having fun and that's so cool that you are in Cub Scouts again! That will be fun!! I still have about half a bottle each of my medicine so I will be fine for a while. I was also wondering if you could send some printed pics of you because I only have my one framed picture of you and Sister Kolkova wants to see more pictures and I want to decorate my planners with you guys:) 

So this week a lot of appointments cancelled on us which was very depressing... Our goal as a district has been to get 20 lessons a week for each companionship and we would have met that goal but so many appointments cancelled on us that we weren't able to reach it:( But at least we tried our best and we will just try harder next week! Airdrie is a really slow area but we have been working so hard to try and find anyone who is interested. Patience is a very hard thing right now!! 

We did end up having an appointment with the Topley's (Sister Porter changed her records to Sister Topley so now it's less confusing but we are still trying to get used to it) yesterday and it was great! We still don't have a baptismal date set but we were able to talk more about Brother Topley's feeling towards baptism. He has been baptized into the Community of Christ Church (RLDS) and already believes a lot of the same things that we believe. But I guess that church doesn't use the Book of Mormon as much as they do the Bible so he hasn't read the BOM in a long time. He has started to read it again and he told us if he is able to feel the same way as he feels about the Bible as he reads the BOM then he will get baptized. So when he finds his answer he will be ready. All we can do now is pray and have patience in letting him read and feel the spirit. We have done our part and now the Spirit will do the rest:) 

Stake Conference was also this weekend and it was amazing!! The speakers talked all about member missionary work and temples. They were great meetings and really touched me in ways that I needed this week. I had been really down because of our slow weeks but it helped me to have that positive attitude again and see that we are trying our best and that is all we can do!! And the temple is closed for cleaning this week so as a district we are going to go help clean the temple!! I am so excited to see the Calgary temple and help clean it. It will be a new experience and a fun one!

Yesterday I had lost our house key:( I always kept it in my coat pocket but after getting home from the Senior center I realized it wasn't there anymore. We always lock our door when we leave as well so we were locked out. Luckily we did have the car keys (we had been walking) so we drove back to the Senior center to see if they had found it anywhere but nothing. And since we had walked there it could've fallen out anywhere along the path and we had walked quite a ways. So we prayed and then went back to our house and started walking the way we had gone earlier, retracing our steps and not to far from the house I started to slow down and think "This is insane it could be anywhere" and I looked down and there it was!!! It was an amazing miracle! Prayer always works!!!

A new lady moved into the Senior home we visit every Sunday in Betty's place. Her name is Lily and she is so sweet! So now we have two ladies to visit again:) We love the old ladies!! Most of them are almost 100 and they are still mobile it's crazy!

So it has been a good week overall!! I am glad to hear from you guys and I miss you tons but its fun!! I haven't been taking too many pictures lately so I don't have any to send but hopefully next week! Oh and next Monday is Family Day here so the library will be closed so we will have to email on Tuesday next week just to give you a heads up. It's crazy here the schools get a week off for Family Week and they get a spring break as well!! They are lucky!! Anyways I love you all so much!! Have a great Valentine's Day this Saturday!

Sister Hatch  

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