Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I'm going to be a Mom!!!

April 7,2015
Now don't freak out too much, I'm not literally going to be a mom but a mom in the mission!!! I am training this next transfer!!!! Crazy right?? I have only been out 4 months and I am already training a newbie! But I am so excited!! I just can't believe I will be training in the exact same area that I was trained in. I am staying in Airdrie a little longer (most likely 2 more transfers because that is how long it takes to train). I know the area so well though so I am glad I am staying because that is one thing that will stay normal and comfortable. I actually don't feel too stressed out or nervous about it (like I normally do about everything else) so I know it is what the Lord wants me to do! It will be so fun! I can't wait!! 

General Conference was sooooooo good!!!! All the talks were amazing!! This is the first Conference ever that I haven't fallen asleep at least once:) But it probably has to do with me being a missionary and spiritual things aren't as exhausting for me anymore because that is all I am doing:) And we also watch it at the church building not sitting comfortably on a couch where it is so easy to sleep haha:) But seriously ALL the talks were so good, it is hard to pick my favorite!

Easter wasn't too special... I always forget when it is a holiday because they aren't too different from our normal days here. But we were able to dye Easter eggs with some members which was fun!! And with two wards now we are getting fed like crazy!! I don`t want to eat 5 meals a day but sometimes I just have no choice. I need to get better at saying no to food... I will work on that:) But don`t be surprised if I get home and I am so fat it will happen!! I have refused to weigh myself do far though... we will see how long that lasts... 

I am sure you probably saw our wonderful video on Facebook already but if you haven`t you should go watch it!! And like it and share it:) We worked hard on that! We just wanted to have some fun and we had some time... anyways watch it, I know we are weird:)

Also this transfer we have to move out of our big house:( It has been fun but they are coming home in May. So we will be moving into a sweet basement apartment on May 1st since a couple is going on a mission in our ward we will be talking their small place. It is still very nice and I am still getting very spoiled here. I don`t know what I am going to do when I get transferred:) 

Anyways things are amazing here!! And I am so happy I am staying! I am so happy your weekend was so good also!! I love you guys!!!

 Sister Hatch

Happy Easter!

Sister Hatch and her companion Sister Hooker

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