Monday, December 1, 2014

Last day in the MTC

AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I'm going to Canada tomorrow!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!! So much has happened just from Thursday so get ready for another long letter haha:)

Ok sooooo I'm still trying to figure out the picture thing, I'm so sorry I can't send you any these computers are so complicated! But I promise I am trying my hardest and if I can't get them to you today, then I will have to wait until Canada. :( But I will send a ton when I figure this out....

So Thursday night, after I emailed you, was super amazing!!! We did a service project that afternoon, packaging food for children kind of like the same thing we did for Feed My Starving Children but it was a different organization. That was super fun to get to know other missionaries I had never talked to before and give service on Thanksgiving!! Then that night we had a Thanksgiving program which was nice to just relax and have fun for a little while. I feel like this whole time we have been so focused on studying and spiritual stuff that it was nice to just have a break from all that. We sang primary songs which you don't think would be that fun but as a missionary many things are amusing that weren't before. We were pretty much jammin out to primary songs and I forgot how fun primary was! Anyway then we watched Meet the Mormons that night which was also so much more fun to watch will a room full of missionaries. And I had a whole new perspective watching it after being in the MTC then just back at home in the theaters. And after the movie they had a surprise for us... CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!! I had never been so excited to see Christmas lights in my life! It's so wierd when you become a missionary everything is just so amazing and exciting especially at the MTC becuase you feel like you are detached from the real world in this small Mormon bubble. Thanksgiving lunch wasn't too amazing... the turkey was the juciest turkey I've ever had but we just had turkey stuffing mashed potatoes and pie so not that big of a feast but it was still good. I have been getting so full here at the MTC i don't think I would have been able to eat anything more than that anyway.

Friday we had In-Field Orientation all day. In' field orientation is a super long meeting just preparing you to go out in the mission field, but it actually wasn't that bad. It was really interactive and I learned a lot!! Mostly that it depends on your attitude on how successful you'll be in the field. A lot of missionaries get into the wrong mindset when they are told they are going to an area where nobody ever gets baptized but if you have the right attitude you can change that. So I am going to try to go into every situation with a positive outlook and not take into considersation what is said about the area or companion. I also learned that it is super important to make goals and plan everyday. Without goals it hard for you to go out and have a purpose and work the hardset you possibly can. They put on a play about what the field was going to be like and I was in it. It was a last minute thing and I only had a few lines but it was very nerv racking!!

Saturday I honestly don't remember too well. I think it was just a boring day in the classroom so nothing interesting but yesterday was amazing!!!! VOCAL POINT DID THE DEVOTIONAL LAST NIGHT!!!! It was so amazing and really lifted my spirits!!! I was having a really rough day yesterday, just becuase it was getting close to me leaving and I was exhausted and sick and kind of getting tired of my companion, but when they came to sing I was so happy!!! I needed that so much!! We had actually seen vocal point walk past us earlier that day and we just assumed that they were missionaries becuase that what everyone is here and they were wearing suits. We asked them if they knew where one meeting was going to be at and they didn't know and then we realized the didn't have name tags. We were like who are they and right after they walked away I realized they were vocal point! I could have talked to them more... sad day but we still got to see them perform so that was good! Sheri Dew also spake in the Relief Society meeting which was amazing as well. She spoke on women and the Priesthood and just showed us that women have the same access to the priesthood as men they just can't hold it themselves. Women are still able to have that same power as men do. Just as Sister missionaries are called to the same authority as Elders in the field.

Well I hope this made sense becuase I have been trying to type fast. I got the package on Saturday!!! Thank you so much!! I can't wait to open the presents on Christmas!!! It was perfect timing for my medication too because I was going to run out that day! My body is holding up pretty well. Last night was the hardest becuase I'm starting to get sick so that always makes me more achy but the Elders gave us blessing again last night which helped me a lot!!! I was almost to my breaking point and then I got a blessing and I feel a lot better! I have just been so stressed about getting everything done before we leave tomorrow that I just needed a blessing for some comfort and peace. Three of our Elders left earlier today to Colorado so that was sad becuase we have become so much like a family. I'm going to miss them tons!!! Oh yeah Saturday we did a Zone talent show which was really fun!! Everyone had some pretty crazy talents! I'm going to go see Emily today in the gym right after I'm done emailing you so hopefully you can get a picture that way. We are leaving the MTC tomorrow at 3:30 am but our flight isn't until 8:30 am so be on the look out for a random phone number from Canada. I think we land in Canadaaround 2pm but we have a layover in Washington so I might call then. Just stay close to the phone all day becuase I don't know when I'll be calling. I think that is everything... I'm so glad your Thanksgiving was amazing and I miss you guys TONS!!! I'm starting to feel the homesickness but hopefully that will go away when I get to Canada. It's already in the negative degrees over there. We got to skype a member there and she said it was -11. Ahhhhhh!!!! I'm going to be dressing warm tomorrow!!! Wish me luck!! And I am so grateful for all the prayers I reallly can feel the love!

Sister Hatch
 Kirsten and her companion Sis. Moulton.

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