Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kirsten's first week in the MTC

 November 24, 2014
Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo sorry I wasn't able to send you an email the night I got here, they didn't allow us to. I was going to send a letter but by the time I got around to writing it it was already Friday and it wouldn't have gotten there in time anyway. So sorry about that...
Well, wow where do I start it has been soooo super busy here!!!. The first day when I arrived they pretty much grabbed me from the parking lot and pushed here and there . It was very crazy but exciting! My companion's name is Sister Moulton and she is also from Arizona! Crazy right?? I love her to death!! I know we were meant to be companions because we are so alike. I feel sometimes like we have the same brain which is really cool!! She is 6 ft and almost sounds like Sister Phelps at times haha:) Anyway my district is amazing!!! There are 6 Elders and 4 Sisters and we all get along so well. It's like we have known each other for years. One Elder in our district is from England so he has a really nice British accent and he's coming to Canada also so I will get to hear it a lot!!! All the sisters are going to the Canada Calgary mission and most of the Elders except three. They are going to the Colorado Springs, Colorado mission. So its's really exciting that I will be staying with most of the same people I know here! The other two sisters I room with and that are in my District are Sister Creech and Sister Wagner. Sister Creech is the cutest person I have ever met! She just has one of those personalities that make your day so much brighter and happier. I will try and send pictures before I leave the MTC but I have to figure out how to put pictures from my camera to the computer first.I might just have to wait and send them in Calgary because you can't do much on these computers. 
The MTC has been completely different from what I was expecting in a good way. Everyone is super welcoming and loving towards each other so you never feel out of place or scared. I haven't really ever been nervous once since I got here. I feel closer to God more than ever before in my life. When we go in to teach our "investigators" I have so much confidence that I know just comes from the Spirit. I'm by no means perfect at following the Spirit yet but I have definitely learned how to more in these last couple days. Saturday I was getting a little down on myself and felt very overwhelmed by my responsibility as a missionary, but that night the Elders in our District were able to give the Sisters priesthood blessings because some sisters were having trouble sleeping and different things. But it really helped to comfort me and get me focused back on Christ and relying on him and everything we do. Sunday we were able to take a walk around the Temple which was very nice, just to get out of the classroom and get some fresh air. It snowed yesterday and today so it was fun being outside and seeing the beautiful snowy mountains behind the Provo temple. We were also able to hear from Sister Marriot from the General Young Women's presidency! She talked about her conversion story and turning your heart over to the Lord in your service. Then later that night President Allen, who is president over all the missionaries around the world I think (don't quote me on that) spoke at the Sunday night devotional. His talk was about being self reliant and how to teach your investigators to be self reliant because nobody can gain a testimony of their own without searching it out for themselves. And then right after the devotional we were able to choose a "movie" to watch just before we went back to get ready for bed. We were told that the Characters of Christ one was the best so my companoin and I went and saw that one. OH MY GOSH WAS IT AMAZING!! If you ever get a chance to go watch it I would think it would be on but I don't know, you should definitely watch it. It's a talk given by Elder Bednar to missionaries in the MTC over Christmas and it just talks about how we need to look outward and forget the natural man. This mission is not about us so we need to forget ourselves just as Christ did throughout His whole life. SO AMAZING!! Go listen to it!!!!! 
This morning we were able to go through the a session at the Provo temple which was amazing also!! It was so nice to be there with so many missionaries and feel the spirit so strong. Apparently most temples let missionaries rent temple clothes for free so I didn't need to bring my temple clothes but oh well... Just in case...
I already recieved a calling as Sister Training Leader which just means that I need to look out for the Sisters in my Zone and pray for their needs. It's pretty much like Zone leader but just the sister version. My Branch President said it is pretty much a Priesthood calling because we work with the Elders in helping the Zone which is really coolI already received a package from Elizabeth which was so sweet. I need her email so I can thank her. Other than that I am doing great. I packed very well and I don't need anything yet. The bookstore here has everything you could possibly imagine needing so if I need something I can just get it there.
I wish I could tell you so much more but I have to go do my laundry so I will talk to you next week!! Thank you so much for emailing me I feel so loved!!! I love you all so much have a super Thanksgiving and Happy early Birthday mom!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Hatch (still trying to get used to that:))

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