Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August 31,2015

It has been an amazing week!!! Our investigator Valory came to church yesterday!!!!! It was so awesome and the talks were all absolutely perfect for her! They all talked about the importance of scripture study so hopefully she was able to see how important it is and will start reading soon! Baby steps! 

This week was the last week of walk and talk August which I am sad and happy about because it was a great opportunity to be out talking to more people but my body is exhausted! Yesterday my body was definitely telling me I needed to slow down. Hopefully I will have more energy this next month. 

The weather is starting to get cooler too!! Yay!! It has been really smoky here as well from all the fires in Washington I guess. I heard the air quality here was worse than those places where they have to wear face masks and stuff. (Like in Bejing I think?) That was kind of scary though because we were out biking in it... But we survived!! The smoke is pretty much gone now though.

Well I don't have much more to say... This week was good! It sounds like you guys are doing great! Sorry this is so short. I love you guys!! 

Sister Hatch

Sis Hatch and her companion doing some yard work

An 8 year old boy in their ward that just got baptized.  They got to teach him all the lessons.

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